Why Does Robinhood Say I Don't Have Enough Buying Power?

Robinhood, a popular stock trading app, recently sent out notifications to some of its users that they "don't have enough buying power" to buy the stocks they want, or giving them a buying power error.

This has caused a lot of confusion and frustration for Robinhood users who have enough money, who are now wondering what this means and how it affects them. In this article, we will explore what Robinhood's buying power limit is, if you have enough buying power and what you can do if you hit it.  

What is buying power?

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For an investor on Robinhood, buying power is the ability to purchase a certain number of shares of a company given the cash on hand. It's important for an investor to keep track of their buying power so they don't accidentally market order shares that they can't afford.

To make sure you remain within the bounds of your buying power (or unsettled funds), it's helpful to periodically check in on your portfolio and make adjustments as needed. To learn in more depth about what this is, check out our article - What is buying power in stocks and why is it important to you?

Just remember that Robinhood gives you superhero-like capabilities with your investments, but superpowers have limits—so use them responsibly! Just like Peter Parker can’t go around randomly shooting webs, you need to be aware of your cash accounts so that you don’t find yourself in a sticky situation.

So do your research and use the tools available on Robinhood to make sure your investment decisions are within the parameters of having enough buying power in your cash account.

What is Robinhood's buying power limit and what does it mean for users?

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Robinhood's buying power limits can change depending on the user, but starts out at $2,000. This limit is in place to protect users from fraudulent stock or crypto purchases.

Don't worry, though — that's still a lot of money! You could buy 2,000 cans of soda with that kind of buying power... or you could invest in something more exciting like stocks and cryptocurrency.

Plus, if you're ever feeling generous and want to bypass the daily limit, there's always the Robinhood Gold upgrade. Now that's what we call unlimited power!

But remember, no matter how much buying power you have, it's important to practice responsible investing and stock trading. Don't be tempted to go wild with your money — always think before you invest!

Robinhood's buying power limit means that users cannot buy more than a certain amount of stock at one time, or they will get a buying power error telling them they have "insufficient buying power". This limit is in place to protect users from losing too much money if the stock they purchase falls in price.

So, if you're feeling particularly brave, don't worry; Robinhood or Robinhood crypto won't let you go overboard. After all, it's not called "risky-hood" for nothing!

How do you know if you've hit your buying power limit?

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Robinhood recently announced that they would be rolling out a new feature that would let users know if they had hit their buying power limit. This is a great addition to the platform, as it will help users to stay within their bank account budget and not go over their limit.

The new feature will be available in the Robinhood account settings, and it will show users how much money they have left to buy stocks with. It will help to reduce the risk of going into debt from investing too much.

We can only assume that the new feature was designed by the same team who gave us auto-investing, as this is another great tool for helping users manage their money and make wise investments. So we say thank you to Robinhood to help investors make informed decisions!

What can you do if you hit your buying power limit?

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Robinhood is a great investment platform for anyone looking to get into the stock market. However, there are limits to how much you can buy at the displayed price in a day or week. If you hit your buying power limit on Robinhood, don't worry!

One option is to wait until the next day to make your purchase. This will give your account some time to recharge and allow you to buy more stocks. Another option is to spread out your buys over multiple days. This will also help you avoid hitting your buying power limit.

If you still need to buy more stocks but don't want to wait, another option is to upgrade your account to a higher level. This will give you more buying power on Robinhood and allow you to invest in more stocks.

Whatever option you choose, don't let the buying power limit on your Robinhood account stop you from investing in the stock market! There are plenty of ways to work around it and still get started with this great investment platform.

Alternatives to Robinhood for stock trading

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There are a few alternatives to Robinhood and Robinhood Crypto for purchasing stocks. One is called E-Trade. E-Trade is a platform that has been around for a very long time and is very popular. It has a user-friendly interface and offers a margin account, as well as many features, such as the ability to trade options and bonds. It also offers a variety of educational resources to help users learn about investing.

Another popular platform for stock trading is TD Ameritrade. It offers a wide range of investment options, including stocks, options, ETFs, and mutual funds. It also provides extensive educational resources, as well as support from investment professionals.


Robinhood's buying power error message is that you don't have enough buying power to purchase the stock at market price. The implication is that by signing up, you will gain access to more buying power on Robinhood in your brokerage account and be able to make larger investments in the future.  

One of the most important things for an investor is having enough buying power. This means having enough unsettled funds to invest in the stocks or other securities.

When you don't have enough buying power, it's tough to make gains in the market, since you can't buy as many shares as you'd like.

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